Team Natural Born Disc Golfer

Growing the sport since 2013

Natural Born Disc Golfer doesn’t sponsor only players that play well, but persons that are spreading the joy of Disc Golf, are the ambassadors of the sport and the spirit of the game. Individuals that volunteer a lot and put all of their effort towards the sports both as a player but as a TD’s and other voluntary tasks, which keeps the disc golf scene running and growing.

These people are truly Natural Born Disc Golfers.


Contact: Team Manager

Marika Salmi

 Team NBDG at Tyyni 2018


Team Natural Born Disc Golfer 2021


Juuso Herranen (Finland) 


Olivia Kindstedt (Finland) 


Péter Kiss (Hungary)


Antonia Faber (Germany)

Steffen Rise Andersen

Steffen Rise Andersen (Denmark)

Eetu Hartikainen

Eetu Hartikainen  (Finland)

Jørn Idar Kvig   (Norway)

Dean Schaub

 Dean Schaub (Netherlands)


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