NBDG Trilogy Mystery Bag AKA Yllätyspussi

NBDG Trilogy Mystery Bag AKA Yllätyspussi

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Juha from NBDG here. I run our warehouse and keep all the stuff in stock on the website and pop-up-stores.

The hot season is over and its time to do some cleanup!

Once in a while, I gather all the goodies from the storage and pop-up stores, pack them firmly and quite randomly to packages and I just did that again.

This time, our NBDG Trilogy Mystery Bag contains Lucid-X/Opto-X goodness, swirly candies, Huk Lab, Chameleon discs and a lot of Marvel discs. There are also simple but still good looking discs from our normal stock AND also out of stock. There might even be some extremely rare wall-hangers!

Mystery Bags contains 6-8 discs, some rare, some stock, some exclusive. I also happened to slip one FREE entry to TYYNI 2020 while packing. If you happen to get this, you are entitled for free entry to Tyyni 2020 on the division of your own choice (valued 120 to 200 euros).

Each bag contains at least:

  • 1 x Lucid-X/Opto-X/Marvel/Chameleon/Huk Lab/Glimmer or other special run disc (19,90€-29,90€)
  • 3 x Other premium-plastic discs (15,90€-19,90€)
  • 2 x Base-line plastic discs (11,90€-13,90€)
  • Something small extra

All of this totals way over 110€, but with this Mystery Bag, the price is only 69,90€!

This batch of NBDG Trilogy Mystery Bags is very limited so grab yours quickly.


These are not actually bags. All packed in carton pouches. 

Bags are also like Shrek, ugly from outside but beautiful from inside. We did not want to spend any extra to fancy packaging and just simply drew an ugly question mark to the pouch, giving more value to the inside of the box. 

Mystery Bags will be delivered without receipt/invoice in the box. If you order anything else with Mystery Box, other items will be packed outside of the box.




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